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Las Marias

“Las Marias de México” are colorful, iconic dolls that have been popular with Mexican children as well as tourists since colonial times. Marias are hand made by indigenous people that use the proceeds from the sales of the dolls to support their villages. Each Maria represents a different region of Mexico via the “typical” or traditional costume that adorns each doll. The makers of DOÑA MARÍA® brand are proud to embrace and preserve Mexican culture and history by offering four limited edition Maria doll designs on the iconic DOÑA MARÍA® mole glasses.




Chicken Enmoladas

Quick and easy chicken enchiladas with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole.


Mole Meatballs

Tasty turkey meatballs in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce. Perfect appetizer!


Mole Mac & Cheese

Upgrade your mac & cheese recipe with the legendary DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce.


Mole Dog

Irresistible crispy bacon-wrapped hot dogs topped with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce.


Mole Fajitas

Savory chicken fajitas marinated in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole, served with warm flour tortillas.


Mole Burger

Delicious beef patty topped with shredded chicken cooked in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole and crispy onion strings. One of our heartiest recipes!


Mole Pozole

Pozole meets DOÑA MARÍA® Mole. Impress your family with this new spin to your pozole recipe!

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